Updated rules for 2022 season

Street rod-
Big blocks allowed
Diesel trucks allowed at techs discretion
If deemed a race motor by tech officials you will be bumped to sportsman

Current registration and insurance required


No vacuum rule

9.8 deck BBC aftermarket blocks allowed

Transbrakes allowed requires scatter Shield at every u joint


Trans brake allowed

Cuts allowed on rear axle only

Weight limits
Big block 4200lbs with driver
Small block 3800lbs with driver

Modified-pro mod
fire suppression system  required
leather boots or fire rated shoes required

3.2a/1 or higher gloves required


Sportsman on up
3.2a/1 or higher fire pants and jacket or suit

Sa 2010 or higher rated helmet


Street Rod

-33" maximum Boggers other sizes and treads at techs discretion must be DOT tire
-No cutting or grooving.
-No Strokers Allowed

-Modern engine swaps allowed , fuel injection must run oem intake manifold and no larger than 92mm throttle body, carb must be dual plain intake 

-fuel injection allowed

-Gasoline only - No race fuel or Aviation Fuel
-Diesels at Tech’s discretion, no chipped engines  
-After market ignition allowed.
-Small block engines only

- No trans brakes.
-Intake manifold must be dual plain single carb, No air gaps.
-Carb swaps allowed.
-Headers allowed, must have exhaust with mufflers past the cab.
-Must run a steady 17 inches of engine manifold vacuum (minimum) at 1000 RPM's for   30 seconds. No vacuum pumps or equipment that will produce vacuum. .
-No solid cams, roller rockers ok.
-No after market heads or performance heads that were not offered on production vehicles

-Complete body required, corp. matching, make and model.  
-Complete bumpers front and rear.
-Body and interior must be completely intact.  
-Must be factory frame & suspension - NO swaps allowed
-No axle swaps
-must be street legal, lights and brakes in working order

Safety & Misc.

-must have a fire proof jacket
-must have Dot helmet
-Helmet must be strapped
-Riders allowed in this class only-must have helmet and seat belt
-Any other truck & engine combination is up to tech discretion & possible vote by drivers of the class, FOR THAT RACE.
-Must have park-netrual safety


-34'' maximum DOT tire
-size is measured by what is printed on the tire
-No cutting or grooving

-Must be corporate matching

-Modern engine swaps allowed
-No after market, or performance oem heads that were not on production vehicles
-Heads must be a factory production cylinder head
-Aluminum intake manifold allowed, must be dual plain, for BIG BLOCK,   Small Block may run any style of single 4bbl intake manifold
-Single four barrel carburetor allowed
-No nitrous or alcohol
-Aftermarket fuel injection allowed
-No Vacuum rule
-Must be naturally aspirated
-Aftermarket ignition allowed
-Open headers are allowed, No verticals
-Stall converters allowed,

- Trans brake allowed
-No after-market or performance blocks allowed in big block
-Aftermarket blocks allowed small block only (max. 9.5 deck height) Big block max 9.8 deck height

Body & Suspension
-Radiator and transmission coolers can be located in the bed
-body must be corporate matching
-No cutting or gutting of body or interior
-No more than 6'' of total lift.
-must have factory like front bumper, rear optional
-must have bench seat or two buckets
-Flat beds must support 500lbs. at any point and be standard width & length for that body being used
-No traction control devices, i.e. ladder bars, 4 links, top links & ect.
-posi-traction differentials allowed                                                                              
-Driveshaft loops on pinion side of both driveshafts                                                                                                                                           
-Factory V8 midsize vehicles (i.e dakota, explorer, ect.) Must be Small Blocks
-Axle swaps allowed (corporate matching does not apply on axles)


-must have a fire proof jacket
-must wear seat belts and DOT helmet
-helmet must be strapped
-NO riders
-Fire Extinguisher required
-Transmission Shield or Blanket required on all full race trucks
-Roll-over protection 4 points to the frame (in the box OK), mandatory for the full race pickup, street legal pickup optional
-Must have park-neutral safety

Super Stock

-40'' maximum DOT tire
-size is measured by what is printed on the tire
-NO cutting or grooving


-Big Block are limited to the following
   -Aftermarket aluminum or cast iron heads allowed will be limited to those cylinder heads with port architecture that will accept a factory cast iron intake manifold and be functional. Please call prior to purchasing heads to make sure that they are an acceptable version, and any attempt to hide manufacturers names or designations will be dealt with as the techs at the race deem necessary. Hemi heads will not accept either of these types  of manifold and can't be used. 

-Modern engine swaps allowed

-No vacuum rule

-Vacuum pumps are allowed

       -Small block engines are limited to the following

                 -Max. 9.5” deck height for aftermarket block and must be cast iron

                 -Can use any cylinder head  
-Big block must have single carburetor
-must be corporate matching
-open headers are allowed, vertical exit allowed
-any ignition system
-must be naturally aspirated
-No nitrous or alcohol
-stall converters are allowed, no trans-brake
-aftermarket blocks allowed, but must be cast iron, factory production deck height & bore spacing for big block, small block max deck height 9.5''

Body & Suspension
-exterior of body must be complete and corporate matching
-Small /Mid size pickups (S10’s, Rangers, Dakotas) and all other makes and models with similar body dimensions must be Small Block Only and retain all the oem body panels as manufactured, no flatbeds allowed.
-flat beds on full size trucks must support 500lbs. at any point and be standard width &   length for the body being used
-rear mounted radiator allowed
-trimming fenders to accommodate large tires allowed
-interior dash removal allowed
-one race seat allowed
-minimum of 3 leaf rear suspension
-oem suspension
-must run transfer case
-body swaps allowed
-axle swaps allowed (corporate matching does not apply on axles)
-traction bars allowed
-engine & body must be in factory location
-must retain brakes on all four wheels


-must have a fire proof jacket
-Trans Shield or blanket & flywheel/flex plate protection Required
-must wear seat belts and DOT helmet
-helmet must be strapped
-No riders
-Must have drive shaft loops, minimum 1 per shaft of rigid construction at the pinions of the axles
-Roll-over protection 4 points to the frame (in the box OK), mandatory for the full race pickup, street legal pickup optional
-Fire Extinguisher Required
-Must have park-neutral safety


-any size with DOT stamp
-cutting and grooving allowed

-gas or alcohol allowed
-No nitrous, bottle must be removed
-must be naturally aspirated
-after-market blocks allowed but must be cast iron, factory production deck height & bore spacing

Body & Suspension
-Must have a factory frame does not need to have factory cross members or be factory width and extend at least 6 inches from front of the axle to the back of the cab
-any safely constructed suspension allowed
-engine must be located within 6'' from the front of the head to the center line of the front axle
-body must resemble oem appearance
-Must use oem cab

-must have drivers side windshield protection or full face helmet
-chain drive must have shield
-must have at least 4 points to the frame of roll over protection inside the cab (halo style)
-must have drive shaft loops, 2 on each shaft with u-joint scatter protection
-must have box sides or flat bed
-must have transmission blanket or shield SFI approved & flywheel/flex plate protection
-must have race seat and 4 point harness
-must have DOT helmet
-helmet must be strapped
-must have rear kill switch that is very accessible and kills all electrical power to the vehicle
-No riders
-if you run alcohol you must have fire suit
-Fire Extinguisher Required
-Must have park-neutral safety

Pro Mod

Tires - any tire
Engine - must be naturally aspirated

            - Nitrous allowed to single bottle

             -If racer is using nitrous or alcohol must have a 3.2a-5 or higher fire suit

            - block must be stock deck height and bore spacing of a production vehicle  

Body & Suspension - any safely constructed vehicle allowed
-all modified safety rules apply
-No snowmobiles or ATVs
-Fire Extinguisher Required
-Must have park-netrual saftey

Any restriction in any class pertains to the lower class (unless specified)
-Must be 4X4 Vehicle
**Safety rules for all classes**

-must have at fire proof jacket in all classes or full suit if specified
-must have DOT helmet (No Exception)
-must have working seat belt
-must have rear and front tow hooks
-must have a drivers license
-fuel supply and batteries must be safely secured in place
-No driving while intoxicated
-techs decision is final on any issues that concerns safety
-good working brakes

Nitromethane is NOT allowed in any class